This two week period can feel like an eternity, so we gathered some ideas to make it less stressful and more useful.


By Halle Tecco

What is the 2WW?

The dreaded two-week wait (2WW) is the excruciatingly long two weeks between when sperm meets egg (or doesn’t) and when you can find out with a home pregnancy test. For anyone who is actively trying to get pregnant, you know the anxiousness of this time period.

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Nine ideas

We know this time can feel like an eternity, so we gathered some ideas for how to make those weeks less stressful and more useful. 

  1. Learn the difference between implantation bleeding and your period. Implantation bleeding generally happens six to 12 days post-fertilization, or around the time of your expected period. Knowing the difference between the two can help you understand if you’re pregnant or will be trying again next month.
  2. Talk to others in the same boat. Hearing the experiences of others will help get you  through this time with greater perspective. Grab tea with a friend, or join an online forum for women currently TTC. 
  3. Start taking your prenatals. Dr. Naz recommends all her patients start taking a prenatal vitamin one to three months before trying to get pregnant. Now is a good time to shop around and pick the best prenatal for you. 
  4. Pin nursery ideas or jot down a list of your favorite baby names. Or, grab your partner and go through Parent Plans exercises to think through topics like parenting philosophies and budgeting for a baby. It’s okay to start planning for a future with a baby, even if this cycle is not the one.
  5. Keep up your physical activity or start a new routine if it’s time. Trying to conceive (TTC) is a unique period in your life. Take advantage of this time to appreciate your body and its wondrous ability to create life by treating it the best you can. 
  6. Engage in distractions that make you happy. Catch up with a friend, see a new movie, or go on an adventure with your bae. 
  7. Keep your mind busy by starting a new project that takes around two weeks to complete. Work on your scrapbook for the year, cook your way through a new cookbook, or reorganize your closet.
  8. Practice mindfulness. Go to a yoga class or practice meditation at home. There are plenty of free online videos and apps like Calm and Headspace
  9. Learn strategies to increase your likelihood of getting pregnant. If you want to approach conception with the “knowledge is power” attitude, learn the three main tools to use to get better at timing sex around your fertile window, just incase you need to try again the following month. Read Conception 101 to get the full scoop.


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