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By OBGYN Dr. Gleaton

I’m 13 weeks pregnant with “unexplained” bleeding. Can I have a successful pregnancy?

Absolutely! While chances are higher for pregnancy loss in those with active heavy bleeding, unexplained first trimester bleeding is seen in up to 50% of normal live births. 

I have Covid at 8+ weeks, I’ve been able to manage my fever & O2 sat, anything to help with the exhaustion?

Consider adding vitamin D and additional vitamin B12. It almost never hurts to add additional iron as well, even in the short term. Reach out to your ob provider to see if there are other remedies that may be perfectly suited for your situation.

Are mild cramps in early pregnancy “normal?”

Yes up to 60% of women report cramps in early pregnancy. 

Best ways to relieve back pain in early pregnancy? 

Yoga, stretching, belly band, and Physical therapy are my top recommendations. Tylenol never hurts either!

Is it normal to not go to a doctor until your eighth week check up? 

For establishing a new pregnancy, yes 7- 8 weeks is ok. Occasionally, we perform an ultrasound earlier than 7 weeks for high risk conditions such as recurrent miscarriage or prior ectopics.

Can a child grow in the uterus without a myoma wanting to disturb the pregnancy? 

Yes, often pregnancies progress without significant issues even in the setting of myomas aka fibroids. It's important to undergo growth assessments to ensure there is no evidence of growth restriction which is sometimes seen in pregnancies complicated by fibroids.

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Fever during the first trimester? 

Any fever greater than 100.5 should be reported to your provider. Most causes of fever will not affect the overall outcome of the pregnancy. 

How common is implantation bleeding/cramping?

Implantation bleeding and cramping is totally normal. It occurs when a fertilized egg implants and a portion of the uterine lining detaches and sheds during the implantation process.
This shedding of the uterine lining can result in light bleeding and generate similar PMS symptoms such as cramping. This generally happens 6-12 days post-fertilization, or around the time of your expected period.

Can you switch brands of prenatal vitamins every day or should you consistently use the same brand? 

Honestly, there’s no data that I’m aware of, but my opinion is that it doesn’t matter! Feel free to trial prenatal vitamins and select one that is well tolerated while offering the most comprehensive nutrient profile such as the Prenatal for her.

Kombucha and pregnancy? I’ve heard both yes and no. 

For starters, why has Kombucha been around for nearly 2,000 years, and I’ve only recently learned of it?! Kombucha, is a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink, is full of probiotics, antioxidants, and boasts many health benefits, including hormone regulation. Drinking Kombucha while ttc is safe and perhaps beneficial for certain hormonal conditions. 

Since there are no large studies on the effects of drinking kombucha during pregnancy, it's likely best to avoid kombucha during pregnancy and breastfeeding because of its small alcohol content, caffeine content, and lack of pasteurization.

Thoughts on taking well sourced salmon roe during 2nd trimester for Omega 3 DHA? 

Eating salmon roe as a source of omega 3 DHA is generally considered safe. Although, it’s not a bad idea to be familiar with the mercury content and pollutant levels from your source. 

7 weeks pregnant and some very faint rust color discharge. Normal?

This can be completely normal and could be related to recent intercourse, a recent pap smear, or simply cervical sensitivity, often called a friable cervix.

However, be sure to check in with your ob provider as cervical infections and other things can also present a similar picture.

I failed my first glucose test by just a few points, recommendations for next test? 

If you’ve failed a 1-hour glucose test, then the next step is a 3-hour glucose test to confirm or rule out the diagnosis of Gestational diabetes or diabetes that develops during pregnancy. 

However, if you’ve failed a 1-hour in a prior pregnancy, with the next pregnancy, I recommend starting with the 3-hour glucose test. 

Taking adderall for narcolepsy - do I need to stop once pregnant?

Yes, I would recommend stopping Adderall once pregnant if possible. Inform your prescribing provider once TTC, and discuss your concerns with the goal of identifying possible alternatives.  

Just got my positive pregnancy today from 12dpt5dfet - When can I work out again?

Congrats! It sounds like you did IVF, so this is a question for your REI. In general, light exercise like walking and yoga is okay.

(Mid-thirties) How many rounds of IVF should I do before giving up?

Although one large study suggested that more than 65% of patients under 40 will conceive after 6 IVF cycles, everyone’s TTC journey is different. Thus, it’s difficult to quantify the number of rounds sufficient for each person.

Multiple factors affect IVF success including type of infertility, lifestyle, prior pregnancies, and your fertility clinic.

The best practice is to involve your reproductive endocrinologist in this discussion to devise a plan that's best for you.  

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