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Easy to read pregnancy tests


Get the clear answer you need as early as possible.

Get peace of mind—asap. Our highly-sensitive, early-result pregnancy tests are clinically proven to be over 99%* accurate and work up to 5 days before your expected period.


"Take a pregnancy test, but make it fashion." -WWD

Product Details

  • Over 99% accurate*
  • Easy-to-use pregnancy tests with jargon-free instructions in English and Spanish
  • So simple to read test results, no app is needed
  • Satisfaction guaranteed ✨

Why We're Proud

FDA Cleared

FDA Cleared

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended

Evidence Backed

Evidence Backed

HSA/FSA Eligible

HSA/FSA Eligible

100% Plastic Neutral

100% Plastic Neutral

GMP Certified

GMP Certified

Get the clear answer you need as early as possible

The Natalist Pregnancy Test has the precision you need—it's clinically proven to be over 99% accurate* and works up to 5 days before your expected period.

  • The Natalist Pregnancy Test detects human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), one of the first signs of pregnancy.
  • The growing embryo makes hCG, which can be detected in the woman's urine after the embryo implants into the uterine wall.


Dr. Gleaton

Fertility Expert
"With 99% accuracy*, we designed our early-detection pregnancy test to offer ease of use and peace of mind. Plus, our instructions are beautiful and super clear, without any confusing technical jargon."

We do our homework. See the research behind The Natalist Pregnancy Test.

The Natalist Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate.*

Our test’s accuracy was evaluated in a clinical study of over 1000+ urine samples. It found that our test is over 99% accurate* in predicting pregnancy at three days before your expected period. At four days before your expected period, the test result is 97% accurate and at five days before your expected period, the test is 77% accurate. These accuracy cut-offs are regulated by the FDA and our test is equivalent to, or better than, other early-result pregnancy tests on the market.

Our test works up to 5 days before your expected period.

You can use our test up to five days before your expected period. At five days before your expected period, the test is 77% accurate, at four days before your expected period, the test is 97% accurate, and at three days before your expected period until the day of your missed period, the test result is over 99% accurate.* Early on, a pregnant woman may not be producing enough hCG for the test to detect. This is why the test is less accurate the earlier you take it. hCG can only be detected in urine after the embryo implants itself in the uterine wall, which occurs between the 7th and 10th day post-fertilization. At five days before an expected period, an embryo may have just implanted and hCG hormone production may not have yet increased enough to meet the test’s detection threshold. Early on in pregnancy hCG levels rise rapidly, doubling every two days. The closer you are to your missed period, the more reliable your early pregnancy test results will be. At Natalist, we understand that urge to test as early as possible—we’ve been there ourselves. You get two early pregnancy tests in each box so that you can test at five days before, three days before, and on the day of your expected period, or whenever you choose.

The Natalist Pregnancy Test is FDA Cleared.

The sale of home pregnancy tests is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Pregnancy tests are classified as Class II medical devices, and the FDA sets regulatory standards for their manufacture, clinical accuracy, sale, and distribution. When a Class II medical device meets these standards, it’s dubbed “cleared” after the 510k Premarket “Clearance” that it receives once it is approved for sale. Our early-result pregnancy test is FDA compliant and 510k Cleared.

Commonly asked questions about the Natalist Pregnancy Test

How do I use these pregnancy tests?

Begin by unwrapping a test and removing the cap (do not dispose and keep within reach!) to expose the absorbent tip. Sit on the toilet and hold the handle of the test with the absorbent tip pointing downward. Urinate directly on the absorbent tip for about five seconds or until completely wet. Keep the tip pointing downward, recap the end, and place the test on a flat surface with the result window facing up. Wait five minutes before looking at your results; make sure to read results within 30 minutes.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

Short answer: You can use the Natalist Pregnancy Test as early as five days before the expected period, i.e., as early as six days before the day of the missed period. For most accurate results, we recommend using the Natalist Pregnancy Test three days before the start of your next period. Check out our PDF instructions for more.

How do I know the pregnancy test is working?

The control line will turn pink to let you know everything is functioning properly with the actual test!

Can I use the tests as a dip test?

While our products are designed to be midstream tests, you can also use it as a dipstick test by dipping the pregnancy test in a cup of urine for five seconds.

What is this test made of?

Our pregnancy tests are made from virgin ABS plastic. They are BPA and phthalate-free.

Are your tests recyclable? If so, how?

Our tests are made from virgin ABS plastic which is categorized as a #7 plastic. While this material is recyclable, not all local recycling plants are equipped to process this type of plastic at its given size. We recommend checking with your local recycling municipality to see if they can accept your old tests for recycling.

Are the wrappers recyclable?

Unfortunately, the wrappers are not recyclable.

Is the box recyclable?

Our Pregnancy Test boxes are made from card box material which is 100% recyclable.

Are the tests cruelty free?

Yes. Our tests are not tested on animals.

Can drinking a lot of water affect your test results?

While it is super important to stay hydrated, keep in mind that drinking a bunch of liquid in the few hours before testing can dilute your urine and cause a false negative result (meaning you could be pregnant, but the test will show you’re not). If you’re testing before your expected period, we recommend that you test first thing in the morning (when your urine has a higher concentration of hCG) if you tend to drink a lot of water throughout the day.

Is this product FSA/HSA eligible?

Yes! This product is eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement. You can either use your HSA debit card at checkout, or use the itemized receipt (which will be in your inbox after you make a purchase). Read more about submitting for FSA and HSA reimbursement here.

All Natalist products and packaging are certified plastic neutral.

All Natalist products and packaging are 100% plastic neutral. For every pound of plastic we sell, we facilitate the removal of a pound of plastic pollution—giving your purchase a net-zero plastic footprint.

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*When used up to 3 days before your expected period. Early on in pregnancy, you may not be producing enough hCG for the test to detect. hCG hormone levels soar in early pregnancy, doubling about every two days. The more hCG your body makes, the more likely you are to get a positive result.

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