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Shop our selection of bestselling and accurate at-home pregnancy tests, ovulation prediction kits, and fertility tests for women and men.

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Early Pregnancy Test Strips

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The Test Strip Pack

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Ovulation Test Kit

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Pregnancy Tests (4-Count)

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The Test Pack

Pregnancy & ovulation tests

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Ovulation Tests

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Women’s Fertility Test

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Women's Fertility Test Bundle

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Pregnancy Tests (2-Count)

Easy to read tests



As moms and doctors who have been there, we have developed easy-to-use at-home pregnancy products and ovulation tests for your pregnancy journey. For the dad-to-be, we even offer an at-home sperm analysis testing kit to look at key metrics to determine the health and quality of sperm.

Over 99% accurate, our ovulation test kit can help take out the guesswork so you can better understand your body and its variations, identify your fertile window, and increase your chance of conceiving at a specific time of the month.

Also clinically proven to be 99% accurate are our easy-to-use early detection home pregnancy test kits. How does the early pregnancy test work, exactly? The hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), produced by the growing embryo, can be detected in the woman's urine after the embryo implants into the uterine wall. Our pregnancy test detects the hCG level to determine pregnancy.

We also offer a convenient, evidence-backed Test Pack that contains both our best-selling ovulation and pregnancy test kits, for an easy and accurate way to both predict your fertile window and test for pregnancy.

The best part? It's convenient and shipping is free! From ovulation test strips to early-result pregnancy tests, we offer doctor-approved at-home tests for every stage of your TTC journey. Buy a pregnancy, ovulation, or sperm test online and have them delivered straight to your front door. Your next test result awaits, and we hope it's a positive one!