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Postnatal Vitamins and Supplements for Postpartum Care

Nourish your body during the postpartum period with clinically tested and doctor-recommended postnatal supplements and vitamins. Formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients including Omega DHA, vitamin D, choline, and more, our collection of postnatal supplements are made to support breastfeeding moms during their postpartum journey.

Our postnatal multivitamin supplements are carefully curated to provide advanced nutritional support following pregnancy. Each postnatal supplement is designed to help with various postpartum symptoms and target nutritional deficiencies that often occur during pregnancy. Our Omega DHA capsules help support your baby's neurological development, while improving mood and helping to reduce postpartum depression. All-natural, plant-based fiber supplement pills can help reduce postpartum constipation and promote gut health. Choline, found in our women's prenatal vitamins for women, supports your baby's cognitive function and is an important nutrient for breastfeeding moms. Our best-selling vitamin D3 gummies also support healthy lactation, while helping to strengthen teeth and bones for you and your baby. In addition to vitamin D, several of our supplements contain key nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin B12 that are linked to preventing postpartum hair loss.

Whether you are looking to reduce symptoms of postpartum depression, support your body during lactation, or simply want to ensure you and your baby are receiving the full spectrum of nutritional support required after pregnancy, our collection of postnatal vitamins offer high-quality vitamins and nutrients designed to support your postpartum needs. For evidence-backed, doctor-recommended postnatal care, shop postpartum supplements and vitamins today.