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Pregnancy is a full body-and-mind experience, and self care should be part of every mom-to-be’s routine.

We’ve created pregnancy self care products to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of the mama-to-be. Discover all the pregnancy self care items we have to offer and incorporate them into your daily routine to maximize your rest and relaxation! Need a thoughtful gift for an upcoming birthday or baby shower? Our self-care products make the perfect gift for expecting mothers, thanks to specially curated gift baskets any soon-to-be mom will love.

From hydrating belly oil and soothing cooling cream to herbal tea that helps manage symptoms of morning sickness, our pregnancy products are formulated to protect and nourish you and your growing baby for the length of your pregnancy journey.

We also recommend prenatal yoga classes, prenatal massages, and healthy, nourishing food. Check out the book What to Eat When You’re Pregnant - an approachable guide to healthy food to nourish your body and a growing baby during each stage of pregnancy