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Legacy At-home Sperm Analysis


Fertility analysis for him

A clinical-grade fertility analysis for him.

We've partnered with Legacy to bring you the most rigorous at-home semen analysis on the market. Know where you’re at with a detailed, personal, and private fertility report that breaks down how healthy your sperm is today.

The Legacy Sperm Analysis looks at key metrics to determine the health and quality of sperm: volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology. The clinical analysis evaluates sperm for all five factors individually, providing a better picture of male fertility.

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Product Details
  • Clinical-grade, full sperm analysis (these are the same parameters they test for in a clinic)

  • Includes personalized recommendations based on the results*

  • Includes access to a Client Service Advisor to guide you through the process

  • Plus, includes a free copy of our Guide to Male Fertility e-Book