Whether you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, we hosted an insightful discussion about motherhood in the uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic.

In an effort to help you navigate fertility and pregnancy during a public health crisis, we organized a panel of esteemed speakers to share insights on the current climate. The event was moderated by Hitha Palepu, CEO of Rho Pharmaceuticals, and the speaker line-up included:

    In this insightful discussion, we discussed:

    • How do you navigate fertility and pregnancy during a public health crisis?
    • What does this mean for the birthing experience?
    • What should you do if your fertility treatment was canceled?
    • How do you balance the additional unpaid work of childcare and home responsibilities? How can you better divvy up domestic responsibilities with your partner?
    • How can responsibly manage your household budget to mitigate the financial uncertainty of a potential recession?
    • How can you continue to slay your career and get that next promotion while working from home?
      Watch the full event here:


      You can learn information more about coronavirus and pregnancy from an OBGYN here.

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