Looking for the perfect gift for the future mother in your life? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! What’s more, our team of moms hand curated all these items, so they are sure to surprise and delight!


By Margaret Rogers

Getting started on baby shower or holiday shopping, but have no clue what to buy for the pregnant mom in your life? Don’t worry, as a newly postpartum mama myself, I know exactly how to make a mama-to-be feel loved (hint hint: anything that pampers or relaxes is an instant win)!

In this gift guide, we share five expectant mother gift ideas for any expectant mom or pregnant friend. Each thoughtful gift listed below is sure to check the pampering gift box and will support, surprise, and delight expectant moms as they enter motherhood.

Natalist Pregnancy Gift Basket

This is my go-to gift for any mama-to-be because I know how much I loved these products when I was pregnant! Pregnancy is a full mind-and-body experience, and our gift set is the perfect bundle (at a great price point, too) to delight and nourish a new mom-to-be. Thoughtfully curated by moms to bring joy and pregnancy-symptom relief, all products in the pregnancy gift basket are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, and cruelty free and made in the USA. Gift basket includes Vitamin D3 Gummies, The Good Morning Tea, Belly Oil, and Cooling Cream. These must-have items for expectant mothers will surely delight!

The Good Morning Tea

As joyful as pregnancy is, it may come along with not-so-fun side effects like morning sickness and nausea. Help keep nausea at bay with our organic, hand-packed tea blend. A delicately spiced fusion of organic ingredients, including organic, Indian ginger root and organic, Egyptian peppermint, this custom-made herbal tea for pregnancy is designed to support nausea and digestive relief.

Belly Oil

One thing that surprised me most with both of my pregnancies was how much my skin changed! Enriched with organic ingredients including argan oil, coconut oil, and shea butter, our Belly Oil has been specially formulated to nourish, soothe, and moisturize beautifully-changing, growing bellies. Velvety-smooth with just a whisper of coconut and rosemary essence, this luxurious dry oil hydrates and improves skin elasticity leaving soft, supple, and radiant skin. Put the pamper in pregnancy!

Cooling Cream 

The mama in your life will love this soothing, moisturizing cream formulated to revitalize and refresh swollen pregnancy feet and ankles. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, its indulgent, buttery blend of fatty acids, shea butter, vitamin E, and vitamin A deeply moisturizes and restores tired pregnancy feet. The slight cooling sensation is both refreshing and invigorating.

Prenatal Daily Packets

Prenatal Daily Packets

For the nutrition-loving mama-to-be who never misses the chance to subscribe and save! Natalist Prenatal Daily Packets are thoughtfully formulated for prenatal care with 21 high-quality, gentle ingredients to nourish and support mom and baby throughout pregnancy. In convenient daily packs, your prenatals can go wherever you do.

Pregnancy Book Bundle 

Pregnancy doesn’t come with a user’s manual, so that’s why we were inspired to curate this set of informative, insightful books to support you throughout your prenatal days. Expecting mothers will love our collection of four modern titles around pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Curated by our team of moms, these four books will help prepare you for one of life's most memorable experiences!

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