So you decided it’s time to bring a baby into this world, and want to know where to start. This guide will share six things you need to conceive.


By Vernita Brown

I like to start most things in my life with optimism and a plan. But the truth of the matter is, when it came to my journey to motherhood, I was pretty clueless. Realizing the gaps that my less-than-stellar high school sex-ed class left me with, I felt pretty ignorant and helpless. I didn’t know there were tools I could use to help me learn about the fertile window and get in tune with my body’s own rhythm. But knowing what I know now, I feel empowered to share what I’ve learned with other women to improve their journeys. 

About 80% of people will get pregnant in the first six months of trying, and 90% will get pregnant within the first year. This means it will likely take you a few months, and that’s normal! But it can be hard to get a negative pregnancy test month over month. Setting realistic expectations and knowing that you might not get pregnant the first month you try is important. 

If you’re just starting out, here are a few things I recommend to help you get pregnant!  

1. Ovulation tests: The best way to maximize your chances of getting pregnant more quickly is to know your fertile window. Plan on having sex every day or every other day during the six-day fertile window, which includes the five days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation. There are a few ways to track your fertile window to time sex— the easiest of which is to use ovulation tests or our our complete Ovulation Test Kit

2. Fertility friendly lube: When trying to conceive, it's important to make sure your everyday lubricant doesn't get in the way of your goal. You’ll want an FDA-cleared fertility lube like The Lube to make sure the swimmers are still winners.

3. Prenatal vitamins: The ideal time to start a prenatal is one to three months before trying to conceive. If you start taking a daily prenatal vitamin before pregnancy, you can set this proverbial nutritional safety net firmly in place, thereby giving yourself and your future baby the best chance of reaping as many benefits as possible—even more so than if you were to simply purchase a prenatal vitamin along with a pregnancy test 


4. Pregnancy tests: This is obvious, but you’ll want to stock up on pregnancy tests in advance. With the Natalist early at-home pregnancy test, you can begin testing up to five days before your expected period. 

5. Conception 101: It’s important to have access to an informational resource and accurate, reliable guide when trying to get pregnant. I recommend Conception 101, which is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals and learn everything you need to know about having a baby. 


6. Parent Plans: This book contains thought starters for you and your partner. Covering topics from conception to parenting philosophies, expect to think and talk about everything from baby names to values and finances to birth. I highly recommend going through this workbook with your partner!!

All these products are available as part of The Get Pregnant Bundle. It’s a $128 value product, available for just $78! And if you're looking for a gift for the male if your life, try our at-home sperm test kit!