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This month’s Q&A is with fertility and nutrition expert Lauren Manaker, RD.

Do you take the Fiber in addition to your prenatal? Shouldn’t a prenatal have fiber? 

If you take a fiber supplement, you should take it in addition to your prenatal vitamin. Fiber supplements do not provide important nutrients like folate and DHA. Not all prenatals have fiber because not all pregnant people struggle with constipation. We always recommend discussing supplements with your doctor before you start them. 

What does fiber do/help out with?

Fiber can help offer some constipation relief. And since many pregnant people experience constipation, we wanted to offer a solution that may help. 

Can fiber help stomach aches? 

It depends on the stomach ache. If the stomach ache is due to constipation, then it may help. 

What foods are best and are pregnancy safe when constipated? 

First of all, you have to make sure you are adequately hydrated. So, water is #1. Next, would be foods like prunes, dates, nuts, and chia seeds.

How often should I take a fiber supplement? 

It depends on your personal needs. Some people take it every day. 

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Should you take the Fiber supplement with meals? 

The meal timing doesn’t matter as much as making sure that you are hydrated. Take your supplement with a big ole glass of water. 

Should men take a Fiber supplement? 

If he struggles with constipation, hemorrhoids, or doesn’t take in enough dietary fiber every day, then sure!

Pregnant but not having constipation. Should I take a fiber supplement anyway? 

That is totally up to you. It shouldn’t hurt anything.

What fiber supplement can you recommend for pregnancy? 

The Natalist Fiber supplement.

What should I look for in a fiber supplement? 

Minimal ingredients, third party tested supplement. 


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